The Algerian army is strengthening its capabilities with an advanced electronic warfare system alongside its Russian system

The Algerian army has recently enhanced its capabilities with an advanced Chinese electronic warfare system, in addition to its Russian system of this type.

The Mena Defense website, which specializes in military news and analysis, revealed that the new system is an integrated electronic warfare system, produced by the Chinese companies ELINC and CEIC.

There is very little information about this new product, and it should not be confused with the CHL-903 anti-aircraft jamming system.

The system entered service recently and has many advanced characteristics, including the ability to defend and attack, and is more modern than the LDK-190 system.

Among the advantages of this new system is the detection of enemy radars for a distance of 600 km, positioning and classification of enemy movements at these distances, protection of radars and anti-aircraft systems from anti-radiation missiles by “covering” radar frequencies, preventing communications for a distance of 300 km and preventing the enemy in the air, sea and land from using identification systems Satellite positioning for a distance of 300 km, scrambling frequencies from 0.5 to 40 GHz, detection of aircraft and stealth ships, detection of remotely piloted UAVs, removing their data link to the ground, detection of AEW aircraft at a distance of 500 km, Burning and damaging of some radio equipment with a directed transmission power of 500 kW.

Mina Defense pointed out that this new system is not the only electronic warfare system used by the Algerian army, but rather combines an arsenal of Chinese and Russian equipment.

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