Russian Army: We destroyed dozens of Turkish Bayraktar drone in Syria

Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Yuri Moravkin, said that the Russian short-range air defense systems “Pantsir-S”, which serve the Syrian Army and the Libyan (Haftar) forces, are more than 40 heavy Turkish “Bayraktar and Anka” unmanned aerial vehicles.

Moravkin explained, that the “Bayraktar TB2” marches, due to their size and speed, constitute an easy target for the Russian “Pantsir S”, and said: “There is no difficulty in bringing down Bayraktar even if it is a training level… The Pantsir crew is at an acceptable level”.

Russian television broadcast scenes showing the wreckage of the “Bayrakdar” plane, which it said had been brought down by the Syrian regime’s army over Idlib governorate by the Russian “Pantsir” system.

According to the head of the Department of Building and Development of the Drone System in the Russian General Staff, Alexander Novikov, the unique Russian “Bastion” system at that time continued the flight of three Turkish “Bayraktar” aircraft over Idlib, and these flights were carried out within the agreed areas in accordance with an organized agreement De-escalation.

He said, “We can follow it from its take-off to its landing…there is constant monitoring of its movements by the Syrian air defenses and the air defenses deployed at the Russian Hmeimim base, and if there is any provocation, we’re ready to respond appropriately”.

According to the Russian channel, the Russian drone program is being developed according to the experience of the “Syrian conflict,” and that the Russian army has used suicide drones to eliminate a number of “terrorist” leaders.

This type of weapon is characterized by high accuracy, which allows for avoiding collateral losses among civilians.

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