Pedersen: The parties of the Syrian conflict have been in a strategic impasse for 21 months and the military solution remains illusory

The United Nations Special Envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen considered that the parties of the Syrian conflict, have fallen into a “strategic impasse” for the past 21 months.

Pedersen said during a session of the UN Security Council on Monday, “All parties are in a strategic impasse on the ground, and this will continue for 21 months… There are no changes on the ground”.

He continued, “This clearly indicates that none of the players or their alliances can resolve the conflict, and that the military solution remains illusory”.

Pedersen stressed the importance of diplomatic settlement efforts to the Syrian crisis, adding that he intends to continue consultations with the parties in Geneva early next year, and work to organize a new meeting for the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the date of which has not been set yet.

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