Gas prices in Europe rise to more than 1,700 US dollars per thousand cubic meters

On Thursday, the prices of gas futures contracts in Europe continued to rise by more than 10%, bringing the price per thousand cubic meters to more than 1,700 thousand US dollars, according to trading data on the London Stock Exchange “ICE Futures”.

The cost of gas futures contracts, according to the Dutch TTF index, at the opening of trading exceeded 1,540 US dollars per thousand cubic meters, after the general decrease in prices at the beginning of trading, as it reached the minimum amount of 1,450 US dollars, but the prices returned to the rise at the end of trading.

As of 19:15 Moscow time, the price was 1,650 US dollars per thousand cubic meters; Minutes before that, the price reached 1,700 US dollars per thousand cubic meters of gas, an increase of 10%.

There is an expectation that the price hike, this weekend, will be linked to statements by the head of the German Federal Network Agency, Jochen Hohmann, that the decision on “Northern Stream-2” will most likely not be taken in the first half of 2022.

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