Head of the Syrian National Security Bureau hands over dangerous documents to the Russian investigative committee

The head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Ali Mamlouk, handed over to the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, a number of documents that will enable the investigation of terrorist crimes to proceed, according to the website of the Russian Federal Investigative Committee.

“Gen. Ali Mamlouk handed over to the head of the investigation committee a number of documents necessary for the investigation, which will enable tangible progress to be made in the investigation of crimes of a terrorist nature,” the statement said.

The statement added: “Cooperation in the search for the accused in criminal cases among the Russian citizens who left for Syria to participate in terrorist activities was also discussed, as well as about the fact of the disappearance of unknown relatives who left with them”.

Bastrykin visited Syria on a business trip, and held talks with the head of the National Security Bureau and the country’s Minister of Justice.

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