The United states and its allies are discussing ways to respond if Russia moves against Ukraine

The United States and its European allies are currently discussing possible responses if Russian President Vladimir Putin takes any military action against Ukraine, including imposing new sanctions on Moscow and providing more security assistance to Kiev, Bloomberg News reported Monday.

Senior US officials raised the idea of ​​a package of measures in discussions over the past week with their European counterparts, telling them that the Biden administration was already preparing a list of options to counter potential moves by Russia, according to people familiar with those discussions.

Even within the United States, planning is still at an early stage, Bloomberg said, and it requires more discussions before seeking support from other countries.

But it comes after US officials warned that Russia may consider a possible invasion of Ukraine as tensions rise between Moscow and the European Union over everything from the issue of migrants to energy supplies.

The Kremlin on the other hand denies any such intention.

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