SDF: Assad is the ruler of Syria and we’re ready for direct dialogue with him

The SDF expressed its willingness to enter into a direct dialogue with Damascus without the need for mediators, describing the Syrian president as the “ruler of Syria”.

A member of the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Aldar Khalil, said that the “Autonomous Administration” and the “PYD” are ready for dialogue with Damascus directly without going to Geneva and other places.

He stressed that “whoever governs Damascus represents Syria internationally, (in reference to the Syrian government) and still rules some Syrian regions, and to reach a solution, an agreement must be reached with Damascus”.

He added: “We are thinking of another formula.

The solution must be with the Syrian leadership, but not in Geneva, but in Damascus.

What is wrong with us sitting and deliberating as Syrians and proposing possible solutions to reach a formula for a solution to all issues in Syria”.

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