Paris and Berlin calling on the United States and Denmark to provide clarifications regarding the allegations of spying on some European officials

The French government said on Monday, that the United States and Denmark spying on European officials is a “very dangerous” matter if confirmed.

Commenting on what was revealed by the European media, about the US authorities’ spying by exploiting the partnership with the foreign intelligence, Denmark, on senior officials in neighboring countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French Minister for European Affairs, Clement Boone, said: “This is a very serious matter.

We are checking whether our partners in the European Union, the Danes, have made mistakes in their cooperation with the US services… as well as looking into whether the US side, has actually… wiretapped and spied on political leaders”.

The French minister added, “We are not in an ideal world, so, unfortunately, this kind of behavior can occur, and we will verify it”.

“Among allies, there has to be trust, and a minimum of cooperation, so this potential business is dangerous, and we must verify it,” he explained.

In turn, a German government spokesman said on Monday that it was following up on a report that the United States used a partnership with Denmark to spy on senior officials in neighboring countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel”.

The federal government is aware of the report and is in contact with all relevant national and international bodies to obtain clarification,” spokesman Stephen Seibert said at a regular press conference.

“In principle, as you know, I would like to ask you to understand that the federal government does not comment publicly on matters related to intelligence activities,” he added.

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