The European Medicines Agency begins a rapid test of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

The European Medicines Agency has launched a rapid procedure to test the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the emerging Coronavirus.

The decision was based on the results of laboratory tests and clinical trials that included adults, according to what the agency announced in Amsterdam, on Thursday.

According to studies, the Sputnik V vaccine stimulates the formation of antibodies against the virus, and it can help prevent infection with “Covid-19” disease that is caused by the virus, and that affects the respiratory system.

The European Agency’s experts will assess the effectiveness of the vaccine through a rapid rolling review. 

This means that test results are already being checked, even if not all results are available yet and no request for marketing authorization has been made.

It is unclear how long the approval process will take for the vaccine.

It is noteworthy that the Russian vaccine is already being used to vaccinate citizens in many countries, outside Russia. 

Some EU countries have said they want to use it even without official EU approval.

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