A “Turkish – Russian” agreement to transfer wheat from opposition-held areas to the Syrian government

Private sources revealed the success of Russian efforts to transfer hundreds of tons of wheat into silos in Hasakah governorate, which is under the control of “Turkmen” militias in the areas controlled by the Turkish army, towards the mills of Aleppo, in the north of the country.

An agreement brokered by Russia was reached during the past few hours between the Syrian and Turkish sides, and provides for the transfer of hundreds of tons of wheat towards the city of Aleppo from the Shirkrak silos occupied by the Turkish army and the “Turkmen” militias loyal to it in October 2019, after battles Fought with the militants of the Kurdish organizations loyal to the US Army.

During recent months, Syria has suffered a severe crisis in securing the wheat needed to meet the demand for bread for its citizens, due to the tightening of the western blockade on the country, and the deliberate widespread burning of wheat seasons in the areas where it is cultivated, especially in the areas adjacent to the areas controlled by the US army in eastern Syria.

The sources revealed that the first convoy loaded with wheat moved today, through 8 trucks, towards Aleppo mills, with the protection of Russian military police armored vehicles, noting that expectations indicate that about 450 tons of wheat will be transported during the coming hours.

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