The SDF found a large treasure of gold buried in Eastern Euphrates

Since its control of the eastern region in Syria, the SDF has continually found treasures hidden by ISIS, the last of which is a large treasure from the village of Shanina, northeast of Raqqa.

According to a local source, several days before this month, the SDF extracted hundreds of gold coins and a large number of gold bars, in addition to bags filled with foreign currencies, in concrete rooms buried underground.

It is reported that the rooms are located inside one of the farms of Shanina village, which were discovered by the Syria Democratic Forces after they raided the farm, and they extracted the treasures after midnight, away from the eyes of the people.

In a related context, in a similar incident, in 2018, under the rubble of the destroyed headquarters of ISIS in the city of Mosul, Iraq, 10 million US dollars were found.

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