The Guardian: The deadly “Nipah” epidemic is more dangerous than Coronavirus!

In a report published by British, The Guardian newspaper, warned from the spread of the Nipah virus in China at the rate of deaths of up to 75% and that causes the pandemic global future be more dangerous than the Coronavirus.

According to the report can be cause Nipah problems, respiratory acute, as well as for inflammation and swelling of the brain, and ranges from the rate of deaths by from 40% to 75% and its source is the bats of fruit, where was associated with an outbreak of the disease in Bangladesh and India to drink juice palm dates.

The Nipah and one of the 10 diseases of infectious been identified from by the Organization of Health World on it is the biggest risk to the health of public, especially in light of lack of willingness of companies medicines global big to confront.

As can the spread of the epidemic in Australia, Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand and Africa, and is transmitted from bats to animals and humans, can be transmitted also from person to another all through saliva, and there at the time present any medicines or vaccines for this disease.

The suffering people living with infected virus Nipah from fever, cough, headache and abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting and problems in swallowing and lack of clarity of vision.

And it enters about 60% of patients infected with the virus in the state of coma become a dire need to help in breathing, and suffering patients who have evolved to have the disease from rising sharply to pressure the blood and the high rate of palpitations heart and high heat of the body.

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