Expectations are that non-Americans from 30 foreign countries will be banned from entering the United States to limit the spread of the Coronavirus

Sources said that the US President, Joe Biden, will sign an order on Monday banning most non-US citizens from 30 countries from entering his country to curb the spread of new strains of the Coronavirus.

Informed sources told “Reuters” that Biden will impose a ban on entry of most non-US citizens to the United States, who recently visited South Africa, Brazil, Britain, Ireland and 26 European Union countries that allow travel across open borders.

The former US President Donald Trump issued an order on January 18 to lift these restrictions on Brazil and European countries, effective January 26, but Biden will cancel this decision.

Biden’s decision aims to prevent the spread of new strains of the Coronavirus, which were recently discovered in Britain, South Africa and Brazil and are more transmissible.

Many fear that the vaccines currently used may not be effective against these types of Coronavirus, especially the southern African strain.

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