Kiev and Constantinople – the grave-diggers of Orthodoxy in the service of the USA

By: Syrializm Analysis


It’s not difficult to understand why the leader of the gangsters of Kiev, who calls himself “the Ukrainian president”, suddenly began the process of splitting Orthodoxy faith.

Petro Poroshenko dreams for one more term to extend the destruction of Ukraine with his own hands and his criminal accomplices.

The beginning of an obviously corrupt scheme of “autocephaly” of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) is, first of all, an operation designed to ensure that those Ukrainian regions that are traditionally considered to be a stronghold of the “furious separatism” will support Poroshenko.

To count on the fact that the failed “chocolate” dictator will be supported for some kind of social and economic success – is not necessary.

Already one of the original pillars of the coup d’etat in 2014 is a very controversial businessman Igor Kolomoisky, the secret “master” of the whole party, the “Ukrainian Association of Patriots” in fact, in a recent interview with the editor-in-chief of the Left Bank publication, Sonja Koshkina, Kolomoisky sharply criticized even Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF.

According to her, Ukraine should not agree to the terms of the fund, and to declare a default back in 2014: “Is the default bad”.

Look at Greece, which beauties, they said: “We’ll not refund 500 billion”, and that’s it, goodbye.

The Greek script – note needed to be applied as early as 2014.

Because the country was plundered under the auspices of, including the International Monetary Fund, and under the auspices of all foreign embassies.

Where are they looking?

Observers …

There was no country, in the treasury – zero, declare default.

The default has never prevented anyone, what concerns the country is 100% …

How does bankruptcy differ from default?

You talk about default as if it were a loss of statehood.

Has Greece lost at least one of its islands from statehood?

The disgraced Ukrainian oligarch wonders.

Yes, here are such common thoughts – and the same Kolomoisky in 2013-14 would come to the head, instead of next to the same Poroshenko “rock the boat” in Kiev…

Now the goal of the fascists is the same as it was during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45.

At the cost of creating autocephalous UOC – i.e. freed from hierarchical canonical ties with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), since today’s UOC is essentially a component of the Russian Orthodox Church, to destroy the very mention of the word “Rus” in modern Ukraine, the creation of another artificial “ancient nation of ukrov”.

The Council of the Fathers of Great German Militarism and the Nazi Third Reich is in force: to contrast the word “Ukraine” with the words “Russia”, “Russia”.

Crush Slavs, crush Orthodoxy.

The personal skin of Poroshenko here also has its role and its place – autocephaly and deprivation of the UOC of the part indicating its sister relations with the Russian Orthodox Church – the Moscow Patriarchate, because this is a constant concentration of nationalists on Poroshenko’s figure and others who are “spinning” for over 4 years around the owner of the firm “Roshen”.

But it would have happened at least something Poroshenko, if behind him would not stand the United States and the most ardent Russonenavistniki Western Europe?

It seems that no.

Let’s pay attention – for years!

The Anglo-Saxons generously sponsored sectarian aggression in Ukraine in the sphere of religion.

Not for nothing, for example, the “Word of Life” sect is so strongly represented in state bodies now, by the way, other sects as well, and continuing to occupy a high position in Kiev, one of the active revolutionaries of 2014, Oleksandr Turchynov, is generally the pastor of the Word of Faith charismatic church, which was later renamed “God’s Embassy”… why not.

Let’s pay attention – for years The Anglo-Saxons generously sponsored sectarian aggression in Ukraine in the sphere of religion.

The «Great» Britain and the United States were the leaders in our planet to create “new religions”, especially for “backward Aborigines”, sects, beliefs, etc…, and the orientation of the created communities is not important – whether it’s Christian Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant, even Islamic.

The most important thing is that the colonialists are taking steps to spread the ideas of religious and ideological splitting.

Well, now as the “backward Aborigines” among the Anglo-Saxons – yes, the inhabitants of modern Ukraine, both Russian-speaking and others.

Of course, not everything is as smooth and fast as the Anglo-Saxons and Poroshenko with his gang like.

The actions of the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew are, of course, the elaboration of a specific political order that reflects the interests and thoughts of the colonial (in relation to Ukraine) US administration in Kiev.

Yes, there is a question – did the USA blackmail Patriarch Bartholomew, who until 2018 didn’t seek conflict with the Russian Orthodox Church, and if they blackmailed, then how and with what exactly?

In our opinion, this part of the problem with the split of Orthodoxies in Ukraine is also important for the countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

Of course, Orthodox – Bulgaria, Greece, the long-suffering Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, etc…

Now the Ecumenical Patriarch is ruling … a former officer of the Turkish army who graduated from the Pontifical Eastern University in Rome!!!

This was founded by the Jesuit Order to train agents who are being introduced into Orthodox structures with the aim of destroying them from the inside.

And yet, as a Russian website called emphasizes, “there is reason to suspect the current Patriarch of Constantinople in relations with the Turkish counterintelligence, who later began to cooperate with their American and British colleagues.

Recently, on the Phanar there are more and more opinions that the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is the agency of the Order of the Jesuits and successfully promotes the idea of ​​the Catholic occupation of Eastern Europe”.

There is nothing surprising – the vast majority of parishioners of Constantinople are in the United States and Canada.

This religious structure has no moral right to be called “Universal” because of its small number.

Throughout his career, the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Bartholomew, has been developing relations with the Vatican.

This very close cooperation is within the framework of theology.

The patriarch is sure that ecumenism is not a heresy, but the future of all Christianity.

But in the Orthodox Christian world we are sure: in this way Bartholomew strengthens his power: three thousand small and insignificant parishes – a small wealth.

Bartholomew was so entangled in his intrigues that he became a puppet in the hands of American intelligence services, and maybe, initially worked for the USA.

In the US, they are well aware that by creating a local Ukrainian church, they will be able to unleash a religious war in this country.

Having taken the place of ambassador for religious affairs, Samuel Brownback, is a conservative Catholic and is personally interested in weakening Canonical Orthodoxy.

During his visit to Phanar, Brownback frightened the Patriarch with the alienation of American parishes from Constantinople.

Bartholomew, as it were, succumbed to this pressure and encouraged in the positive resolution of the issue of autocephaly, the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who came to visit him.

However, with the cunning characteristic of Byzantine politicians, Bartholomew was in no hurry to accept the decision on autocephaly, giving Ukraine only hope, but not specifying specific dates. According to information from high-ranking diplomatic sources of Turkey, the project to provide autocephaly is supervised by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo personally.

And one more surprising coincidence – in combination, Pompeo and Brownback are also some of the most influential iranophobies in Washington.

Let’s draw a parallel – Russia and Iran closely cooperate in the Middle East and … in fact, they save Christians in Iraq, Syria and other places.

They are saving Eastern Orthodoxy, trying to prevent the de-Christianization of the Middle East and the destruction of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

And these two, Pompeo and Brownback, are engaged in the “autocephalization” of the UOC …

After the schismatic “Ukrainian Church” didn’t receive Tomos on the date of the Baptism of Russia, Pompeo met with the head of the American Archdiocese of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Dmitry Tracatellis, at which he reported on the information he had on the embezzlement of a huge amount of money from the construction budget of the St. Nicholas in New York.

We are talking about several million dollars transferred on the orders of Patriarch Bartholomew abroad, which has documentary evidence from the US attorney’s office.

The fact that such documents exist is a fact that is understandable.

The United States is available information on electronic transfers of different payment systems.

Intelligence agencies have long used this information to organize pressure on politicians and businessmen.

As you can see, religious figures are no exception.

The history of the construction of the Temple on the site of the destroyed Greek church during the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 is very confusing: the project was not claimed for a long time, there was not enough money for construction, who responded to what sum to help build the church – it is not known for sure.

The work has not yet been completed, although the deadline for putting the object was 2016.

This is a reason for a serious anti-corruption investigation, which will not only put an end to Bartholomew’s reputation, but also destroy the already weak Patriarchate of Constantinople. But Washington is ready to “close its eyes” to the scandal, if Bartholomew stops resisting and provides the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

It can be said silence in exchange for the betrayal of Orthodoxy.

The Patriarch of Constantinople, with all its “universal greatness”, is in constant shortage of funds.

Voting on the decisions he needs is expensive – almost all small patriarchies are poor and do not neglect to vote on bribes.

That is why Bartholomew squeezes bribes for any political decisions in order to strengthen his crumbling “empire” at least a little.

By issuing Tomos about granting autocephaly to Ukrainian schismatics, Bartholomew will lose the right to the Ecumenical Patriarch.

In fact – he himself will become a dissenter according to all religious laws.

There is a lot of evidence of that now; even the Orthodox Church of Poland has forbidden to its parishioners any communication with representatives of the Ukrainian schematics.

The same bans are issued by other Orthodox churches of the world.

About such consequences of his decision, Bartholomew probably guesses.

But why he does not take into account the fact that the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada schismatic, immediately after the decision on autocephaly is ready to withdraw from the jurisdiction of Constantinople and join the single Ukrainian local church, is rather strange.

After all, this could be the beginning of the collapse of the Ecumenical Patriarchate! Paradox: for the sake of preserving his power, Bartholomew is doing everything to lose this power.

As the media reported on November 22, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin visited Austria recently, where he was received at the Vienna Archbishop Primate of Austria Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

At a press conference, Klimkin personally, on behalf of himself and on behalf of the Ukrainian government, expressed his gratitude to the Austrian branch of the Catholic charitable organization Caritas for helping “the needy people in Ukraine”, especially those who were affected by the war in the east of the country.

In addition, according to the Austrian Catholic Agency KATHPRESS, the Minister and the Cardinal discussed the difficult church situation in Ukraine.

“The details were not disclosed, but Schönborn once again expressed the hope that there will be a peaceful settlement and that the split between the patriarchs of Moscow and Constantinople will soon end”, the agency writes.

“Klimkin told the cardinal that preparations had already begun for holding a controversial meeting about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

As for the last phrase, this is the preparation of the so-called unifying council, at which some bishops from the unrecognized Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, as well as the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, with the participation of representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, will have to announce on the establishment of the United Local Orthodox Church (EPPC) in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authorities are actively involved in this process.

Actually, his rapid activation in April of this year is attributed to Poroshenko, who wants to use the factor of the “one church” to his own advantage during the upcoming election campaign next year to be re-elected for a second term.

Once again, it is difficult to judge whether this is true or not, but it is extremely likely that it is.

But the fact is that Kiev encourages the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the officials under its control to openly advocate for the EPPC.

No exception is Ukrainian diplomacy.

Both Minister Klimkin himself and some ambassadors treat church leaders outside the country.

True, it turns out they do not care.

Almost immediately after April 17 at a meeting with Poroshenko’s deputies announced the consent of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to “provide Tomos about the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister announced that he was going to talk about it in the Vatican.

Ukrainian diplomats began lobbying in the Catholic circles for the initiative of their president, but in the end it turned out only worse.

The problem is in the methods.

Thus, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, following the meeting of Klimkin with the Secretary of the Holy See on relations with states, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, on the margins of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, stated that the Vatican “expressed its support” to them.

But then the Apostolic Enunciator in Kiev refuted, officially informing that in relation to the process of creating the DFTC, “the Holy See did not give and does not intend to give any assessment anywhere”.

The Cyprus Orthodox Church has already acted in a similar way when Ukrainian diplomats incorrectly conveyed the words of the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomus II about the church issue in Ukraine.

What could initially be seen as Poroshenko’s triumph, and could win him the laurels of the “father” of recognized Ukrainian autocephaly, became overgrown with scandals and sway the internal political situation in Ukraine.

Moreover, Patriarch Bartholomew’s original ally to the President quickly showed that he had his own plan and his own game, “thanks to” which Kiev began to lose control over the process, which began to shift to external forces.

Already in June, Phanar replaced the issue of autocephaly with the problem of “healing the schism”, outlining his claims to tackling the problems of divided Ukrainian Orthodoxy alone.

And the Patriarchate of Constantinople did it in two steps.

Initially, he went to the abolition of the act of 1686 on the transfer of the Kiev Metropolis to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Afterwards, it was stated that “only the archbishop of Constantinople has the privilege to judge and resolve conflicts of bishops, clergy and metropolitan of other patriarchates”.

Thus, the “hot potato” was transferred to the territory of many Orthodox Churches, which caused a sharp reaction, in particular, to the Serbian and Polish Orthodox Churches.

Apparently, there will be echoes of this subversive action in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and other Orthodox countries.

Finally, the Ukrainian church question came to the attention of Washington, which, once again we recall, leads the party against Iran, which causes the surrounding space to vibrate up to Ukraine.

In early autumn, Kiev visited Sam Brownback, already mentioned above, as part of his tour.

September 11, he met with Poroshenko.

As reported on the website of the Ukrainian president, “Ambassador Brownback assured that the United States will continue to support Ukraine in the struggle to restore sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right to have a single Ukrainian autocephalous Orthodox Church”.

Practically on the same days, US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Wess Mitchell in Tbilisi, hinted at problems in the future for the Russian Orthodox Church and, perhaps, for the Georgian Orthodox Church, which analysts began to associate with events taking place in Ukraine, around which the concept of neighboring and remote powers that saw the opportunity to solve their own problems with each other under the pretext of interest in the fate of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

As a result, Kiev found itself in a situation where seemingly multi directional vectors of external players balance each other and do not allow Ukraine to be torn apart.

However, this “stability” is extremely unstable and may collapse at any moment.

The impulse can be given from Ukraine itself, if the secular authorities continue to put pressure on the episcopate and the faithful, above all, the UOC-MP, who showed courage and put up strong resistance to Kiev, its political administration and special services.

It is difficult to say how long the current status quo will last. As it is known from the Ukrainian history, the final decisions in these matters were made in exceptional geopolitical circumstances, which Ukrainian Unites can tell especially well.

In our opinion, it is already clear that with Poroshie stupid play he has driven himself into a trap and the bet on “autocephalism” with the help of Patriarch Bartholomew becomes poisonous, not only for Poroshenko, but for entire Ukraine.

In any case, the political game of Constantinople and its American curators is extremely dangerous.

It must always be remembered that the most long and bloody are precisely the religious wars.

The patriarch is in very advanced years: it would be time for him not to participate in geopolitical strategies, but to think about repentance and saving his own soul.

But instead, he does everything he can to stab his hands with the blood of Orthodox Christians.

At a minimum, this is an administrative split of Orthodoxy, later, although there is already an ideological split and disengagement, it will be regrettable if the Orthodox Christians of the world, including in Ukraine and the Balkans, by their mutual alienation give the United States another opportunity to use the criminal method “divide and conquer”.

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