The final statement of the Tehran summit: Rejecting attempts to divide Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Separation of opposition from terrorists in Idlib is crucial

The final statement of the Tehran summit on Syria announced that separating the opposition from terrorists would be decisive to spare civilian casualties in Idlib, stressing the determination of the guarantor states to eliminate terrorism once and for all.

The statement issued today at the conclusion of the negotiations of the tripartite summit of the Guarantor States in Tehran that the presidents, Russian Vladimir Putin and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian Hassan Rowhani “, confirmed their determination to continue cooperation for the final elimination of the organization and urged the Front of victory and other groups and formations and personalities related to Al Qaeda or advocating And classified as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council”.

The three leaders noted that “separating the aforementioned terrorist organizations from the armed opposition factions that have joined or will join the system of cessation of hostilities will be of crucial importance in order to spare casualties among the civilian population”.

Russia, Turkey and Iran reiterated their consensus that negotiations within the political process are the only solution and no alternative to ending the Syrian crisis.

“They are determined to continue active cooperation to advance the political process in line with the decisions of the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi and Security Council Resolution 2254”, Putin said.

The heads of state of the guarantors expressed their rejection of “any attempts to create new facts on the ground under the pretext of fighting terrorism and partition plans aimed at undermining the sovereignty and unity of Syria and the national security of neighboring countries”.

The statement affirmed the commitment of the Guarantor States to continue their efforts to protect civilians and improve the humanitarian situation in Syria.

The tripartite summit in Tehran called on the international community, especially the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies, to increase the amount of humanitarian aid to Syria and to contribute to demining, reconstruction of infrastructure and preservation of the country’s historical heritage.

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