Voltaire Network: The 18,000 Al Qaeda Uighurs in Syria

The Syrian Army is preparing its attack plans to liberate the northwest of the country, that is to say the Idlib region where the defeated jihadists have taken refuge.

According to the leadership, most fighters would be ready to surrender; only 10,000 men would be ready to fight to the death.

However, according to the Syrian press, a Uyghur colony would have transformed the city of Al Zanbaki (just on the Turkish border) into an entrenched camp.

We do not know much about what is going on in this city, which is forbidden to anyone.

It would have sheltered 18,000 people.

Speaking Turkish, rather than Chinese, they have benefited so far from the support of the Turkish secret services.

These Uyghurs claim to be Al Qaeda.

They refuse to return to China (where they would be judged) and Turkey now refuses to host them.

The presence of this sizeable Chinese colony disrupts the liberation plans for the region.

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